Tahir Shikhaliyev

Dear site visitor, first of all, welcome to my official page! 

My name is Tahir Shikhaliyev, I am an artist, originally from Baku, Azerbaijan. Despite my huge travel experience, the first and indispensable place that connects me with art and painting is my native Azerbaijan and my beloved Baku. From early childhood, I had a great interest in art, especially painting. My parents even saved some of the drawings I made at the age of 4-5 and gave them to me when I grew up.

Many people are asking: “What inspires you as an artist? What gives you strength and desire to create something new? 

In my personal point of view, in our life, along with big changes and various situations, there can be small, but very significant circumstances that can have an impact on us. It is extremely important to be open for new things and innovations, and do not hesitate to work on ourselves. Remember one crucial thing - try to enjoy your every day and do not do miss the chances of fate!

I got my first art education at the Azim Azimzade Art School, then I continued my specialization at the Tbilisi State Art Academy, moved to this wonderful city and spent a certain part of my creative life here. My directions are painting and graphics.

I am a member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan, my works are kept in private collections of countries such as Russia, Georgia, Belarus, Turkey, Germany, USA and Romania.

Thank you for your attention!